In this episode, Jentre and Ed introduce a two part series featuring the 2022 Brock Prize laureate, Sugata Mitra. In Part I, you will hear Sugata’s talk at the 2022 Brock Prize Symposium

Sugata is best known in the education community for developing the concept of self-organized learning environments (SOLEs) following his groundbreaking “Hole in the Wall” experiment in 1999, where he placed a computer in the wall of a slum in India and observed that given the right circumstances, children could teach each other almost anything. The Hole in the Wall experiment inspired Indian diplomat Vikas Swarup to write his debut novel, Q & A, which later became the movie, Slumdog Millionaire. Sugata is also the first recipient of the $1,000,000 Ted Prize, for his talk “Build a School in the Cloud”. 

If you would like to view the entire 2022 Brock Prize Symposium and coordinating slides, please check out the YouTube link below. Tune in next month for Part II. 


2022 Brock Prize Symposium:

Build a School in the Cloud: