Join us October 6, 2022 for the Brock Prize Symposium with featured speaker, 2022 Brock Prize Laureate, Dr. Sugata Mitra. The event will be hosted by Oklahoma State  University and will also be broadcast live via the internet.

Sugata Mitra is probably best known in the education community for developing the concept of self-organized learning environments (SOLEs) following his “Hole in the Wall” experiments in 1999, where he placed a computer in the wall of an Indian slum and observed that given the right circumstances, children could teach each other almost anything.

This will be an incredible continuing education opportunity with relevance for educators, administrators, and the higher education community (both students and faculty).

Full details regarding the Symposium and how to register will be available soon.

The livestream of the Symposium will be available on the Brock Prize YouTube channel. Click the link below to save the livestream feed to watch later.