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President, University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA); Director, The Center for Educational Leadership; Professor, Department of Educational Leadership & Policy at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Nominee:  Timothy Rasinski

Autumn has been recognized nationally for her scholarship and service by various organizations such as The National Association of Elementary School Principals and The University Council for Educational Administration. She recently received the 2011 William J. Davis award for outstanding research in educational administration As a principal and teacher in Phoenix, Arizona, she was also honored for her contributions by The Flynn Foundation and the Phoenix Mayor’s office. She began her career in education as a biology teacher, with a bachelor of science in secondary education from Arizona State University. After earning a Master’s degree in educational administration from Northern Arizona University, Autumn returned to Arizona State University to earn a Doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies in 1996.

Autumn is the 50th president elect of the premier research organization in the field of educational leadership, The University Council for Educational Administration. Her research has been published in international and national tier one research journals as well as in journals for practitioners such as Kappan and Educational Leadership. Her books also reflect a thoughtful balance in her focus between those who lead schools and those who study school leadership. Autumn’s research has centered on the politics of school leadership and school reform with an area of emphasis on the principalship. Her international work has centered on building university collaboratives to prepare leaders in The Bahamas and the study of how globalization and economic policies affect the day to day leadership decisions of principals in both the United Kingdom and in the United States. Autumn’s primary area of interest is centered on building bridges between schools, those who lead schools, and those who prepare aspiring leaders. This core belief in improving schools through bridge leadership is what drives her commitment to serving The Center for Educational Leadership, the University of Tennessee community, and educational delivery systems throughout the state of Tennessee.

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