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Founding Director of STARTSOLE

Jeff McClellan has a broad range of experiences as a practitioner, researcher, and entrepreneur. Four years ago, he became the founding director of STARTSOLE. To date, over 8000 educators from over 90 countries have joined the STARTSOLE community, reaching an estimated 300,000 K-12 students. Jeff’s experience as a practitioner has given him a pragmatic understanding of the opportunities and challenges in K-12 education. He is a talented entrepreneur who has translated this understanding into powerful changes in the institutions he has led. Early in his career, Jeff was a teacher and principal of Lima High School. He planned and led the conversion of a large comprehensive high school into a high-performing small school based on the theory of multiple intelligences. Following this, Jeff was recruited to apply his education entrepreneurial leadership skills as the founder MC2 STEM High School in Cleveland, Ohio, where he subsequently served as head of school for seven years. Jeff complements his practical knowledge of educational settings with a deep understanding of underlying pedagogical and organizational theories. Jeff has been invited to serve as an adviser to numerous international agencies and a coach to educational leaders in other countries. He is a frequent trainer and keynote speaker on education entrepreneurship and innovative educational programming.