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Associate Creative Director, Learning Technologies Media Lab (LTML), University of Minnesota
Nominee:  Aaron Doering

Jeni Henrickson is the associate creative director at the Learning Technologies Media Lab (LTML) at the University of Minnesota. LTML is an innovation center within the College of Education and Human Development that designs, develops, and researches technology-enhanced learning tools and experiences with a focus on addressing humanity’s most pressing educational, social, and environmental issues. An outdoor and adventure enthusiast, Jeni is passionate about sustainability issues, global collaboration, and getting kids excited about learning and the outdoors. Her international research collaborations include working with schools around the circumpolar Arctic, and with Aboriginal communities in both the Arctic and Australia. In 2013 she participated in an amazing pulking expedition across Baffin Island in Arctic Canada as part of an adventure-learning project for LTML. Jeni speaks often to groups on the topics of adventure learning, environmental education, and global collaboration. She is also a seasoned author in the field of adventure learning.  Jeni’s educational background includes a B.A. in Fine and Applied Arts from Bethany College, and an M.A. in Education from the University of Minnesota (UMN). She is currently a doctoral candidate in Education at UMN.

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