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Professor, Natural Sciences, Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus
Nominee:  Jaimie Cloud

Larry Frolich is faculty in Natural Sciences at Miami Dade College’s Downtown Wolfson Campus and Editor of the Journal of Sustainability Education. He teaches anatomy and physiology to future health care providers, evolution to future biotechnology professionals, and serves on the Earth Ethics Institute Council.  He is a Prometeo scholar to Ecuador and has worked implementing an online Master’s Program in Community-Based Resource Management in Ibarra, Ecuador, where he was a Fulbright Scholar in 2010.

Larry has an undergraduate degree in Paleontology from the University of California at Berkeley, Ph.D. in Organismal Biology and Anatomy from the University of Chicago, and was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Ecology and Morphology group at Brown University. He has 25 years of experience teaching biology as well as anatomy to doctors and other health care professionals in both the U.S. and Ecuador. He has a long-standing interest in human evolution and how an urbanizing population can adapt to drastic lifestyle changes. Given a 20-year connection with the country of Ecuador, Larry is especially fascinated by the Global South-Global North binary, and how that affects human quality of life and the educational process.

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