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Executive Director for the Center for Innovation in Higher Education
Nominee:  John Gardner

Lemuel W. Watson is a seasoned executive and his career spans across various industries. His expertise is in talent management, systems design, diversity, policy analysis, research design, and leadership. Lemuel W. Watson is executive director for the Center for Innovation in Higher Education and the former dean of the college of education at the University of South Carolina and professor in the department of educational leadership and policies. Dr. Watson was also the former executive director of the Center for P–20 Engagement and dean at Northern Illinois University. He brings more than 25 years experience at various public land-grant and research institutions that prepared him to deal with all areas of operations. Watson completed his undergraduate degree in business from the University of South Carolina, a master’s degree from Ball State University, and his doctorate from Indiana University, Bloomington. Dr. Watson was a senior research fellow at the C. Houston Center at Clemson University and research fellow at the Institute for Southern Studies at University of South Carolina. He is a Fulbright Scholar to Belarus and has written articles, books, and served as editor for several volumes related to organizational behavior, educational leadership, human development, public policy, K-12 issues, and higher education.