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Assistant Headmaster for Academic Affairs, Eagle Hill School, Hardwick, MA
Nominee: Thomas Skrtic

Since 1997, Michael has directed the academic programs at Eagle Hill School (www.ehs1.org), a college preparatory boarding school serving students with learning (dis)abilities. He continues to teach in the English department at Eagle Hill, where he began teaching in 1989 after completing his A.B. in English at the College of the Holy Cross.

Michael completed his doctoral degree at the University of Massachusetts in 2003. His professional and research interests include literacy and reading, disability theory, and teacher preparation and induction. Most recently, Michael has focused on a project that seeks to redefine middle and high school instruction in literature, giving greater attention to the exploratory nature of reading for academic purposes.

Michael was the founding director of the EHS Institute for Teacher Induction, a weeklong professional development program for early career teachers focusing on reducing teacher attrition in urban settings. Since its inception in 2004, the Institute has worked with more than 800 teachers from urban centers in Massachusetts, including Boston, Worcester, and Springfield, as well as teachers from several other U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

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