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Professor and Director, Center for the Study of Accelerated, Learning School for Professional Studies, Regis University, Denver, Colorado
Nominee:  Beverly Daniel Tatum

Raymond J. Wlodkowski is Director of the Center for the Study of Accelerated Learning in the School for Professional Studies at Regis University, Denver. He is a licensed psychologist who taught in urban universities for four decades. He specializes in motivation, adult learning, diversity, and professional development. He received his B.S. degree (1965) in social science and his Ph.D. degree (1970) in educational psychology, both from Wayne State University in Detroit. Three of the books Wlodkowski has authored have been translated into Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Among his publications is Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn: A Comprehensive Guide for Literature. He has worked extensively in video production and is the author of several professional development programs, includingMotivation: The Key to Success in Teaching and Learning (created in 2003 with Dr. Margery B. Ginsberg), winner of the Clarion Award as the best training and development video program of 1991. He has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Award for Teaching Excellence and the Faculty Merit Award for Excellence at Antioch University, Seattle. His books in adult motivation are widely used by educators who serve diverse students and want to enhance their academic performance. He is currently the Chair for the Commission for Accelerated Programs in the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning.

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