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Emissary of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Nominee: Lee Gordon

Yohai Gross is an educator specializing in at-risk and special needs youth.  His professional background encompasses the formal education system as well as a variety of nonprofit organizations.

Yohai started his work with youth in distress at ELEM, a nonprofit organization that assists troubled teens who often live on the streets, by extricating them from their situation and, through an extensive training and counseling program, helping them find their place in society as self-sufficient adults who contribute to their families and community.  In this program, Yohai was the direct contact for at-risk youth, tasked with the mission of gaining the trust of street kids and then convincing them to accept help.

Following his tenure at ELEM, Yohai joined Teach for Israel (TFI), working as a teacher in inner-city Haifa schools, focusing on kids with special needs and learning disabilities.

Yohai graduated from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo, with a B.A. in government and society and earned a master’s degree in Israeli Studies from the University of Haifa. Currently, Yohai is the emissary of the Jewish Agency for Israel in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He works to enrich the Tulsa community by educating them about the state of Israel.