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2022 Laureate Dr. Sugata Mitra

Computer Scientist and Educational Theorist

Sugata Mitra is probably best known in the education community for developing the concept of self-organized learning environments (SOLEs) following his “Hole in the Wall” experiments in 1999, where he placed a computer in the wall of an Indian slum and observed that given the right circumstances, children could teach each other almost anything. He brought these results to England in 2006 and invented self-organized learning environments, now in use throughout the world. Since that time, SOLE has become a part of mainstream education worldwide, increasing opportunities for thousands of people. One specific example is StartSOLE ( ). Inspired by Sugata’s SOLE concept, StartSOLE has established a base of more than 36,000 educators (predominantly K-12) living in more than 110 countries. These educators work with over 2 Million students.

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