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Nominated by Dr. Suzanne Rosenblith

Dr. Lois Weis is State University of New York Distinguished Professor of Sociology of Education at the University at Buffalo. She has written extensively about the current predicament of White, African-American, and Latinx working class and poor youth and young adults, and the complex role gender and race/ethnicity play in their lives. Weis contributes to intellectually substantive and methodological discussions regarding work in this area. She is among the very first in the United States to re-introduce and highlight the importance of social class as mediator and predictor of outcomes of interest amidst massively intensifying social and economic inequalities nationally and globally since the late 1980s. Publications include 64 articles, 20 books, and 52 book chapters. She has graduated 52 Ph.D. students who hold academic and leadership positions worldwide.

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