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Principal, Chanhassen Elementary School, Chanhassen, Minnesota
Nominated By: Stacy Decorsey

Dorschner received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Mankato State University, a master’s degree in special education from Bethel University, and is currently working toward a PhD in Educational Policy and Leadership from the University of Minnesota. He has served as a elementary teacher for 6 years and as a principal for the past 11 years.

Matthew Dorschner’s commitment to educational improvement is evident from the span of his career: from teaching Minnesota’s most challenging students with emotional and behavioral needs in Forest Lake, Minnesota; to leading schools in rural, high-poverty small town, and inner-ring suburban locations; to studying for a doctorate in education policy; to guiding the Minnesota School of Excellence Program through comprehensive changes that enable schools statewide to effectively evolve to embrace the needs of their communities. Under Dorschner’s direction the Minnesota Elementary Principal’s Association has committed to enhancing the Minnesota School of Excellence Program to address the dynamic needs of 21st century school. He has (1) revised the six program core standards to reflect current national standards on instructional leadership in schools; (2) focused the self-study process, setting the priority on student learning and developing predictive hands-on-assessment tools throughout the school community; (3) crafted a support network to ensure the vitality of each school’s improvement process; and (4) pursued a reflective model with ongoing school follow-up, resulting in high impact strategies that build capacity and can be shared between communities.

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