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Nominated by Dr. Henrik Edgren

Dr. Torkel Klingberg´s innovations and strategies bridge the gap between neuroscience and pedagogy. He has proven that intelligence and working memory are not fixed or predetermined traits. The most important impact is the learning application, “Vektor,” successfully introduced in around 30 countries worldwide. With the help of Vektor, children not only improve their working memory and concentration abilities, they also considerably ameliorate their capabilities in mathematics. In some studies, 14 hours of dedicated training with Vektor corresponded to approximately one year of classroom teaching. More than 150,000 6-8 year-old-children have already used Dr. Klingberg’s learning application. It has an enormous potential to have an impact, since it in a practical way unites classroom teaching with modern neuroscientific research. This mixture will revolutionize future teaching and learning.

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