In this episode, Ed and Jentre visit with Evan Rahman and Renee Venagas from Khan Academy. We discuss Khan Academy’s latest project, Khanmigo–an AI-powered personal tutor and teaching assistant. As a globally trusted education nonprofit, Khan Academy has reached hundreds of millions of users with their mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Note our December episode featuring Sal Khan.

In the past year, AI has taken the world by storm. Together we consider the role of AI in the future of education, addressing the compelling possibilities for educators to integrate AI into their practice as well as the reservations commonly held in the educational community. 

More than a plug and play tool, Khanmigo offers engaging, on-topic, and effective learning for students, and is ethically designed with safety and learning as a top priority. Unlike other AI tools such as ChatGPT, Khanmigo doesn’t just give answers. Instead, with limitless patience, it guides learners to find the answer themselves. Khanmigo helps teachers with lesson planning, assigning content, and (if needed) refreshing teachers’ own knowledge. Khanmigo can also integrate state standards in the teaching and learning process. These features are helpful to all educators and can be particularly helpful for emergency certified teachers and those who sometimes must teach classes outside their subject area expertise. 

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