“The most important thing we do in this life is educate our children” (John Brock).

In this episode, Jentre and Ed visit with John Brock, founder of the Brock Prize in Education Innovation. The Brock Prize exists to find the best educational ideas that make a positive societal impact, award the originators of those ideas, and showcase their concepts and practices to the world. 

John’s life has been marked with a dedication to family, friends, and philanthropy. John achieved success over a dynamic career in the oil and gas industry. At 93 and Chairman of the Board of Medallion Petroleum, INC., John still goes to the office every day at 8:30 am. He is also an active outdoorsman, serves on numerous boards and in multiple civic organizations, and he is a strong patron of the arts. 

He is a member of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and a prime example of legacy and leaving the world a better place. He believes education is a way to do this and a means to give people hope and opportunity, which is the primary reason he established the Brock Prize. In this discussion, the focus is not only on education innovation but also on the importance of living a life in service to others.